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Let Your Wings Soar with Guangxin!

Guang Xin Consulting Co,Ltd is an aviation resource agency with It general headquarters is in Hong Kong and a branch offices in Mainland China,Brazil and USA. Our management is comprised of a multicultural team, which enhances our global outreach and allows us to work closely with many various pilot groups from different cultures.

Guangxin, specializes in the recruitment for the aviation industry personnel only and we pride ourselves in successfully placing qualified aviation professionals in China's ever growing airlines. Our main goal is to develop and build long-term relationships and cooperation with airlines and maintain a position as one of the leading premier aviation recruiting agency.

    •   Our Business
Our business concentrates mainly on providing highly qualified aviation professionals.We engage in recruiting mainly captains(PIC) with qualifications or Type Ratings for our partner airlines.
    •    We Try To Provide the Best Service for Pilot
We aim to provide each client with unparalleled recruitment service, offering you an innovative and supporting structure to make your transition into the Chinese culture smooth. The complexity and scope of the screening assignment hard, we try our best to make it a successful one. In turn providing the best service for pilots with their prospective employer.
    •    Our Service Extends To Various Airlines
Guangxin spares no effort to cooperate with our partner airlines in order to provide most comprehensive peace of mind service including follow-up service for pilots so that they can better adapt to their new life and assignment carrier. We want to make sure both pilot and airline are satisfied with the service we provide for. We offer a 90-days free replacement guarantee against each candidate we place.
    •    Professional, Honest, Considerate and Highly-Efficient
We pursue distinctive,first-rate and customized service to provide to our clients and we believe in Professional, Honest, Considerate and Highly-Efficient'. Our highly professional will always be at your service.
    •    Let Your Wings Soar with Guangxin!
With the increasing demand for qualified airline pilots on the rise, it is never been a better time to get the ultimate rewarding career with one of our partner airline. Join us and let your career take flight.